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Sync Troubleshooting

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Noted syncs all your notebook and notes to the cloud automatically, so you shouldn’t need to worry about anything.

However in rare cases where things can go wrong, below are some troubleshooting steps that address possible issues:

Setup (Requirements)

Noted Sync works out of the box which doesn’t require any further steps, though there are a few requirements in order for this to work.

  • All devices signed into the same iCloud account
  • iCloud Drive is turned on and enabled for ‘Noted’
  • Sufficient cloud storage

Are my notes actually syncing?

If you are not sure whether sync is enabled, you can always check the last successful sync in ‘Settings’ -> ‘Sync’ -> ‘Status’.

‘Never’ – this means sync has not been set up for Noted. Please check the requirements before restarting the app to try again.

‘..minutes ago’ – All good! However, if this is not reflecting your last activity, there might be some issues connecting to iCloud. Please check you have a working connection and try again.

Tip: You can always pull to refresh at the Notebooks screen to manually resync.

Sync suddenly stopped working…

Oops! Most users find that the following methods addresses most sync issues

  • Signing out and back in to iCloud
  • Turning iCloud Drive off and back on, then restart the app.
  • Restarting the device

What should you if none of these steps worked?

If you’ve tried each of the fixes in this article, and still find that your notes and or recordings aren’t syncing, please contact us support@
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