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Shortcuts for Keyboard

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iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are using an external (physical) keyboard for iPad, you can use the following shortcuts.

⌥⌘3Add #TimeTag
⌥⌘1Header Large
⌥⌘2Header Medium
⌥⌘S Separator
⌘LBullet List
⇧⌘LNumber List
⇧⌘RSwitch to Record mode
⌥⌘←Seek Backward
⌥⌘→Seek Forward
⇧⌘SSave Note

Mac shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can expedite common operations without using the mouse or trackpad. On Mac, is the list of shortcuts for keyboard you can try to maximize efficiency and improve productivity!  

⌘\Main Window
⌘:Show Spelling and Grammar
⌘ASelect All
⌘E Use Selection for Find
⌘F Find
⌘G Find Next
⌘H Hide Noted
⌘J Jump to Selection
⌘LBullet List
⌘M Minimize
⌘N New Note
⌘Q Quit Noted
⌘S Save…
⌘V Paste
⌘W Close
⌘X Cut
⌘ZUndo/ Undo Typing
^⌘F Enter Full Screen
^⌘Space Emoji & Symbols
fn fnStart Dictation…
⌥⌘1Header Large
⌥⌘2Header Medium
⌥⌘F Find and Replace…
⌥⌘H Hide Others
⇧⌘+ Zoom In
⇧⌘﹣ Zoom Out
⇧⌘← Seek Backward
⇧⌘→ Seek Forward
⇧⌘0 Actual Size
⇧⌘G Find Previous
⇧⌘LNumber List
⇧⌘Space Play, Pause
⇧⌘Z Redo
⇧⌘W Show Word Count

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