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Locking Notes

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Locking a note for the first time

To lock a note, slide it for more options and tap  . You will be prompted to set up a one-time password, in addition to being able to use Touch ID or Face ID as a quicker alternative (if available).

Important: Remember to set it with a password hint as there is currently no way to reset it.

Unlocking a note

To unlock a note, simply tap as you normally would and you’ll be asked to authenticate before the content is shown.

When a note is unlocked, all notes stay open.
until the master lock is applied.

You will have to re-unlock the notes again when you:

  • Quit the app
  • Lock or reboot your device
  • Enter into background for longer than 30 seconds

To remove a lock, slide the note for more options and tap the .

What happens to my other devices?

Lock status is instantly synced, so locking a note on your iPhone means it stays protected on your iPad too. If any of your devices don’t have Touch ID/Face ID set up, we will ask for the one-time password instead.

Can I change my password?

Of course. You can manage your password under Settings -> Security -> Change Password. Note that it might take several moments for this to take effect on other devices.

I’m having trouble using Touch/Face ID

Make sure you have allowed Noted to access ‘Touch/Face ID’ in your iOS settings. You can find this by going to Settings -> Noted -> ‘Allow Noted to Access’. By enabling, the app will use this method instead of the password, unless manually disabled.

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