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Does my subscription cover Mac?

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Yes! You only need to subscribe once and you can use this across all your iOS and Mac devices.

We wanted to make sure all existing users can enjoy the benefit of both platforms at no extra cost.

How does this work?

We rely on iCloud to sync your subscriptions, just ensure your devices have iCloud Drive enabled and signed into the same Apple ID.

I purchased on iOS but it’s not recognising it on Mac.

We automatically try to verify your in-app purchases on the launch, however, sometimes you may need to manually “Restore Purchases”. This can be found under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Account’ on iOS.

Then simply restart the macOS app – voila!

In rare cases, iCloud could get stuck syncing where a restart would usually solve this.

If restarting still doesn’t fix this, we can suggest deleting the cache folder, then reinstalling the macOS app. This will refresh your subscription details.

Open Terminal to paste the below command and hit enter. Ensure the app is closed during this process.

rm -rf /Users/XXXX/Library/Containers/com.digitalworkroom.noted.mac/Data/Library

*Replace XXXX with the username for your Mac / Home Folder.

Make sure both devices are syncing properly. You can find more Sync Troubleshooting steps here.

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