5 Meeting Hacks to Boost Productivity at Work

Running an effective meeting takes more than sending out a notice to notify your team when and where to meet. To help you hold better meetings, here are five hacks that will transform the way you gather with your team to generate new ideas, collect information, and make decisions. 1. Keep Your Meetings to a … Continued

How to Trim Unwanted Parts of an Audio Recording

Forgetting to stop recording after a lecture, meeting, or writing session is something many Noted users are all too familiar with. As a result, they’re left with hours and hours of excess recording which can be difficult to review and eat up storage space. It’s no surprise an audio trimming tool is one of our … Continued

What’s New in Our Version 3.2 Update?

We’re back again with even more exclusive features. As always, our focus is to create an audio-first note-taking app that can record every important moment. So whether you’re a student, a journalist, a podcaster, a songwriter, or just someone who wants to retain more information, Version 3.2 has just made your life a whole lot … Continued

How to Record Zoom Calls and Take Notes Using Noted

Whether you’re studying online or working from home, Zoom is a must-have tool. However, if you’re a notetaker like us, you know how tricky it is to take notes during a Zoom call: If you don’t have two monitors/devices ready to go, you have to juggle a note-taking app on one side of the screen … Continued

How to Lock Your Notes With Password Protection

Whether you use a note-taking app for work, studies, or personal use, you need to consider how it can keep your notes secure. Especially now, since we are sharing more information online than ever. The Lock Note function on Noted is designed specifically to safeguard your notes, and it only takes seconds to set up … Continued

How to Retain Information Effectively Using Time Stroke, and More

Not every idea can be expressed with words. Whether you’re attending a class or a conference call, sometimes you need to get your creative hat on and channel your inner Picasso to illustrate a concept in order to better understand it. If you’re an avid notetaker with a passion for sketchnotes and graphic recording, you’re … Continued

Noted in 2020: A Reflection on Our Journey & Path Ahead

Let us start off by giving a big thank you to everyone behind the scene at Noted, our loyal subscribers, and the team at Apple for a wonderful year! 2020 has been jam-packed with exciting app updates and great mobile successes, so join us as we take a trip down memory lane and reflect on … Continued

How to Improve Your Notes Using the Highlight Tool

Using the Highlight tool is an effective way to make the most of your notes. Highlighting key parts of your notes makes them more attention-grabbing, thus allowing you to review the most important information more quickly. You can also use the Highlight tool to colour-code your notes, to help organise information more effectively for a … Continued

What’s New in Our macOS Big Sur Update?

Apple’s next-generation macOS operating system is here and that can only mean one thing: Noted update! Released on the same day as our update, Big Sur is Apple’s new and improved macOS. If you’re not familiar with it, you can check out Apple’s official release page… but before you do, let’s take a closer look … Continued

10 Things University Students Shouldn’t Live Without

No matter what and where you study, there are certain things you simply cannot survive university without. All of these things add value to your university experience, and at one point or another you will come to appreciate the important role each of them plays in your life. In this post, we’re breaking down 10 … Continued