5 Hidden Features to Boost Your Productivity

Noted is a vast app with plenty of popular tools, sprinkled with a handful of hidden features that even the most avid users don’t know about. Join us as we go through five things you (probably) don’t know you can do on Noted that will change the way you take notes. 1. Swipe to Indent … Continued

How to Use Noted for Daily Journaling

You might have used Noted to take podcast notes, prepare for job interviews, doodle, and record Zoom calls before… but have you considered using it to write your daily journal? In this article, we’re discussing how Noted can be your note-taking companion, as well as a dear friend who listens to you 24/7 without interrupting. … Continued

How to Be More Productive with Noted on iPad

Taking notes on Noted on your iPad is an entirely different beast compared to iPhone and Mac. Some Noted features are tailor-made for iPad to give users the best experience, so we’re sharing a few simple tips that will help supercharge your note-taking on iPad. Multitask with Split View Have you been flipping back and … Continued

Spread Your Ideas: 4 Ways to Share Study or Research Notes

Have a great idea? Sharing it with your classmates, colleagues, or clients and opening it to outside input can make it even greater! Keep reading to see how you can share all the ideas you’ve captured with Noted. Why You Should Share Ideas Sharing ideas within your circle paves the way for you and everyone … Continued

3 Tools to Perfect Your Meeting/Lecture Recording Playback

Capturing your lecture notes, research material, action items, and anything else you need to keep track of is only half the battle. How you review these contents is just as important to make sure you retain the information. In this article, we’re sharing three tools that help you review audio notes more effectively and give … Continued

How to Format Your Notes For Maximum Readability

Noted is an audio-first note-taking app, but that’s not everything it does – far from it. In addition to audio tools like Dictation and Intelligent Playback, Noted offers a variety of text formatting options such as indent and outdent, lists, checkboxes, etc. and we’re covering all of them here. Why You Need to Format Your … Continued

How to Enable Noted+ for Family Sharing

If you love Noted+ and want to share all your favourite features with your loved ones, you’re in luck! We’re so pleased to announce that Noted+ is eligible for Family Sharing! It has been for a while, but it’s a feature many of our subscribers are unaware of, so in this article we’ll talk you … Continued

How to Capture Ideas Using Noted While Listening to Podcasts

Whether you listen to podcasts for professional development, educational purposes, or pure entertainment, now and then you may hear something interesting that you would like to remember. It might be a piece of information the host shares, a resource they mention, or an actual point in the podcast you want to get back to. If … Continued

How to Take Better & Faster Notes Using Dictation

Dictating notes is one of the best ways to ramp up your note-taking productivity, improving your chances of capturing every fine detail and freeing up more time so you can take care of other tasks. Keep reading to learn more about our Dictation tool and how it can help you get more done faster! What … Continued

Intelligent Playback: A Time-Saving Way to Review Long Recordings

If you’ve ever recorded your ideas in an audio note, you’re most likely familiar with the pauses you take between points to organise your thoughts. If you’re a student who records lectures and seminars, then you must have sat through your fair share of long pauses and applause when reviewing a recording. Either way you’ve … Continued