A Professional’s Guide to Noted: Top Tips for Note-Taking at Work

Effective note-taking is a skill that’s often overlooked at the workplace.  The truth is, regardless of what profession you’re in, taking notes is part of the job. That’s why we’re sharing a guide on how Noted can help you take better notes no matter what career path you follow. Stay Engaged It’s important to take … Continued

Version 3.5: When Noted Meets iOS 15

Alongside iOS 15’s arrival, we’ve officially launched our latest update: version 3.5! 🚀 We’re embracing Apple’s new tools and technologies to enhance your note-taking experience and skyrocket your productivity. So buckle up, as we talk you through every new feature coming to our biggest update in 2021. Take Notes in One Snap We’ve all been … Continued

3 Zoom Meeting Hacks to Enhance Your WFH Life

Zoom is one of the essential productivity tools for all professionals who are working from home. It enables you to host and participate in meetings remotely so you can conduct business with colleagues and stay in touch with them even whilst working apart. Just like in-person meetings, online meetings contain many details that you want … Continued

Version 3.4: Sync Just Got Faster, Much Faster

We at Noted are committed to constantly improving the app to offer a better note-taking experience for all. And we’re super excited to announce the arrival of version 3.4 – now available on the App Store and Mac App Store. Sync Speed Skyrocketed We’re aware that many users have got in touch to say that … Continued

10 Things to Pack for University

You’ve aced your A-levels (congratulations, by the way) and now you’re off to uni. You now walk in the footsteps of every brave student who has gone before you, and are facing the eternal question: Just what exactly should I pack? Relax! You’ve got this. Here are the top 10 things to bring (note the … Continued

How Team Noted Use Noted: Insider Tips for All Users

Since launching Noted, we’ve received so much feedback from our lovely users sharing with us how Noted has improved their lives in ways we never imagined. (Thank you! 🙌) In this article, we’re flipping the script, as four members of Team Noted reveal what their favourite Noted features are, why they love them, and how … Continued

A Student’s Guide to Noted: Top Tips for Lecture Note-Taking

Note-taking is one of the most important skills a student could master to capture details presented in lectures and comprehend studied material. But it’s a tricky one for many students (especially freshers) because effective note-taking requires a lot of attention… or does it? Noted makes note-taking simple and effortless. Here’s a look into all the … Continued

A Complete Guide to Importing and Working with Media Files

Audio is our thing; but that’s not all that we do. Whether it’s a lecture recording you’ve made or a webinar video you’ve downloaded, media files can be easily imported into your notes in just minutes, if not seconds. To help you get more out of every note, here’s a comprehensive guide to working with … Continued

5 Hidden Features to Boost Your Productivity

Noted is a vast app with plenty of popular tools, sprinkled with a handful of hidden features that even the most avid users don’t know about. Join us as we go through five things you (probably) don’t know you can do on Noted that will change the way you take notes. 1. Swipe to Indent … Continued

How to Use Noted for Daily Journaling

You might have used Noted to take podcast notes, prepare for job interviews, doodle, and record Zoom calls before… but have you considered using it to write your daily journal? In this article, we’re discussing how Noted can be your note-taking companion, as well as a dear friend who listens to you 24/7 without interrupting. … Continued